Singer Bjork Will Only Accept Cryptocurrencies for her Next Album

2017-11-05 • Joe_Coder

We all know that the musician Bjork has been known to do some original things in the past, and her most recent decision is no change! The artist has announced she will only accept cryptocurrencies for her latest album "Utopia". What kind of crypto, you ask? Specifically she requests Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and AudioCoin... I don't know much about AudioCoin, but I think most people will easily recognize the others. Clearly Bjork has good sense when choosing where to invest!

Some may see this as just another marketing move by the musician, who has done off the wall things in the past to promote her work. She claims that this just seems like the obvious thing to do in this situation. 

Whethere you are a fan of Bjork or could care less about this, it is clear that this is another step towards widespread market adoption. I think we all would love to see that day!

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