Ethereum Classic Price is on the Rise!

2017-11-05 • Joe_Coder

We all have seen most of the altcoins out there are falling in price as we approach Segwit2x. If you were one of the unlucky people left holding a bag of xyz coin, hang on! Those prices will be sure to go up just like the did last month. If you have been investing in Ethereum Classing, or ETC, you are one of the lucky few people getting gains in something other than Bitcoin. Why are we seeing this rise in price though?

Ethereum Classic has not risen as much as it's sibling, only starting the year off at $1.67 and reaching up to $10 last week. The coin is gaining traction though and has risen to $13.25. The general consensus is that Korean speculators have driven up the price. Korean based exchanges are generating a lot of the recent ETC volume. This increase in price will more than likely be short lived as we get closer to Segwit2x, and we will see prices similar to the previous week


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