Segwit2X Postponed

2017-11-08 • Joe_Coder

Today the group behind Bitcoins scaling proposal Segwit2x have announced they will be suspending until a later date. A somewhat unexpected move, considering the strong support for Segwit2x.

CEO and Co-Founder of bitcoin wallet software BitGo Mike Belshe released in an email that there is not enough consensus for a clean block size upgrade. Rather than divide the community with the split, they intend to suspend the proposal until further notice. 

There are still hopes to increase block size in the future, but more agreement between stakeholders will be needed. 


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Wonder what the best altcoin to invest in right now would be....


Now will BTC continue to grow...


@fastgrow - I hope so friend! Between 7000-7800 all day, not sure where it will go, so I will hold :)


a lot of people are leaving blank comments... hmmm O_o. Thanks for the free hashes I guess.. If there is an issue contact admin

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