Goldman Sachs Thinks BTC Consolidating Around $8k

2017-11-09 • Joe_Coder

Many people have been wondering just where Bitcoin's price will end up at of the past few weeks. We've seen the price easily surpass $5000, $6000, all the way up to yesterday's high of around $7850. Today you may notice the Cryptocurrency sitting idle around $7100 while altcoins are having their time to shine. 

In a recent note to investors, Goldman Sach's Vice President Sheba Jafari reported that there may be a consolidation period for a period of time before the price rallies even further. After this period they expect the price to continue going up, but urge investors to take caution.

Just four months ago the vice president predicted a price of $4000 for Bitcoin. Without a doubt no one could have expected the price to have risen so fast, but where will it end up? Will you be hodling BTC, or investing in Altcoins during this period? Regardless of your choice, it seems the safest bet in this game is with Bitcoin!


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