Bitcoin Classic to Shut Down

2017-11-10 • Joe_Coder

It has been announced by the developers behind Bitcoin Classic are shutting down operations. The reasoning behind this is due to the increasing lead Bitcoin Cash has over the Cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Classic team even went as far as saying it will 'become Bitcoin' by May 2018.

Tom Zander released a statement on Thursday praising Bitcoin Cash, saying Bitcoin Classic had "Fulfilled it's promise". He went on to say that it will be up to the people which blockchain gains the most traction in the coming year. Zander even went as far as claiming they will just drop the "Cash" and Bitcoin Cash will become "Bitcoin".

We've seen major gains with Bitcoin Cash in anticipation of the hard fork set for Nov 13, reaching all time highs. With Segwit2x being postponed, funds are flowing into the Cryptocurrency in hopes of a duplicate chain appearing. Public support is growing for this cryptocurrency, and it looks to have a very bright future!


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