Bitcoin Will Reach $400,000

2017-11-11 • Joe_Coder

It has been reported that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange will be adding Bitcoin Futures in the fourth quarter of 2017, and the price of Bitcoin was seen reaching all time highs as a result; peaking around $7,500.


It seems with the SegWit2x being postponed many investors have been driven off from Bitcoin and are now investing in Bitcoin Cash. The Price has been driven up to $1262.62 (+47.58%), and shows no sign of stopping.


Founder of Morgan Creek Capital Management Mark Yusko (Currently Manages $3.7 Billion in Assets), is still pushing for Bitcoin; even claiming that it will eventually be worth $400,000 per coin. The Investing guru originally got into Cryptocurrencies in 2011 and wishes he had purchased more. He even goes so far as comparing Blockchain Technology to the Internet thirty years ago, declaring it has the same power to 'change everything'.



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