Bitcoin Cash Settles At $1400

2017-11-12 • Joe_Coder

If you've been watching the market over the past 24 hours, you've seen what is happening with Bitcoin Cash. The fork of Bitcoin rose to all time highs last night, reaching up to $2497 on Bittrex. Maybe it was just me, but at the peak price the exchange on Bittrex was unable to handle the amount of volume and stopped responding for some time after. If I had not gotten out when I did, I could have easily gotten trapped in this "glitch", I hope if you are reading this you didn't experience this... but I digress..


Bitcoin Cash is quickly gaining adopters everyday, noting that the 8MB block sized and faster transaction times make it far superior than the original Bitcoin. With the unexpected delay of SegWit2X, investors are moving money into what they believe is a safer, superior technology. The shift was so extreme that Ethereum lost it's place as 2nd in the Cryptocurrency Market Cap, warranting a response from Vitalik on Twitter congratulating the Team for the achievement.


It seems now the dust has settled, and we see some stabilization. Bitcoin Cash has been hovering around $1400, and Bitcoin is currently relaxing at $6k. Many analysts predict that we are not done seeing the decline of Bitcoin Core, but only time can tell.



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