Chinese Mining Ban Scare

2017-11-14 • Joe_Coder

It was reported that a Chinese electricy company released a confusing notice to their clients the other day. The notice read that they would deny service to anyone taking part in "Illegal Bitcoin Mining".

The company, Sichuan Electric Power Company announced the act of Bitcoin Mining itself was illegal. This was not accurate, and the company has had to since retract their statement. This has been confirmed by local news cnLedger. In the response to this, Sichuan Electric has said they have no say in to the rights of Bitcoin Mining.

It seems that even the companys in China are not completely sure of the legality of all facets of Cryptocurrency. However the company has reported that there may be users violating agreements that prioritize resources for local residents. Jiang Zhuoer, founder of BTC.TOP, says that that there is a fight over interests of hydropower stations.





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