Quantum Computing is One Step Closer to Reality

2017-12-16 • Joe_Coder

Researchers from the University of New South Wales have announced to be closer to achieving stable quantum computing; Some even going so far to comparing this technical achievement to landing on the Moon. Using a grid of silicon transistors to control the spin and interaction of each individual qubit (qubits being the building blocks of quantum computers), they have been able to make the interactions between the two stabilize. Even though they are energized by their recent findings, the researches still indicate much more work would be needed before this technology would be commercially viable.


Theoretically; quantum computing could be used to break through the current encryption mechanism of Blockchain technology. This would put entire networks are risk. The outlook on the impact from quantum computing differs though, with no true consensus reached on to what the outcome would be; some advising a simple series of encryption 'updates' would be enough.

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