Hackers Request Bitcoin For Recent Malayasian Hacking Info

2017-11-03 • Trader Rick

Due to a major security hack, sensitive information of  “almost every Malaysian” has gone on sale for just one Bitcoin.


A data leak, described by some magazines as “one of the largest data breaches in Asia”, resulted in hackers gaining access to identity details, such as lists of phone numbers, home addresses, identification card numbers, and SIM card data of 46 million customers. For comparison the total population of Malaysia is about 31 million people

According to chief technology officer for Asia Pacific at cybersecurity firm FireEye, this stolen data may impact almost every Malaysian. 

This data leak happened just after another mass breaches at Equifax and Deliotte. The second one gained popularity due to being caused by lax security setup researchers.

Malaysia’s government has known about the breach since last month and is now investigating a few likely sources of the leak. The country’s Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak said that several potential sources of the leak had been identified and the probe should be completed soon. 

Security experts say that such details of Malaysian mobile customers may result in fraudulent identity generation. 

The data was on sale for relatively small amount of cryptocurrency - just one Bitcoin (around $7,200). 

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