Protect Yourself from the CryptoShuffle Trojan!

2017-11-04 • Joe_Coder

The Russian cyber-security company Kaspersky Labs has announced there is a new trojan that puts your private wallets at risk. The trojan, named CryptoShuffler, is stealing coins from many users without them even knowing.

The trojan replaces the user's wallet address when copied, such as when you send funds on various exchanges and platforms, and replaces it with the hackers wallet address. This makes no wallet or platform safe, since it uses the clipboard function on your computer. 

In a short amount of time this trojan has acquired over $140,000 from millions of users across all forms of crypto. From Aragon to Zcash, no crypto is safe from this trojan!

You may be wondering what is the best way to protect myself from this kind of attack? You must carefully check your address before clicking that send button! You may even want to take special precautions when copying and pasting your key, double check everything... The safest thing to do though, is simply type it in.. It may take an extra minute, but you know your funds will be safe!

Stay safe out there!


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Be sure to always check those addresses before sending!



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